25 Bears for Children at Safe Passage Center in MARYLAND

Project Origin: USA
Destination:Safe Passage Center - Family Services
Coordinator: Leslie Jacoby
Project Ambassador:
Leslie Jacoby

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Countries where we have sent our bears


Bears for the following projects have been made and collected. Our ambassadors will be distributing them to children during the upcoming months.

200 Bears for children in ISRAEL

Project Origin: USA
Destination: Emunah Afula's Children Center - 2017
Coordinator: Ronnie Landis
Project Ambassador:
Sindy Steinberg and Schlomo Kessel

10 Bears for children at Emergency Room in Brooklyn

Project Origin: USA
Destination: New York Presbyterian - Methodist Hospital Pediatric ER - Fall 2017
Coordinator: Loredana
Project Ambassador:
Taina LoSasso

8 Bears for Children in ROMANIA

Project Origin: USA
Destination: Romania - Fall 2017
Coordinator: Jennifer Tichenor
Project Ambassador:
Lion Brand Customer

21 Bears for children in PUERTO RICO

Project Origin: USA
Destination: Puerto Rico - Fall 2017
Coordinator: Lamiah
Project Ambassador:
Sukar Taha

25 Bears for Children in NEW JERSEY

Project Origin: USA
Destination: Essex County Courthouse in Newark
Coordinator: Gloria Brown
Project Ambassador:
Shari Bloomberg

30 Bears for Children in TANZANIA

Goal: 30 Bears

Project FULL
Collection Date: Sept 15
Collection State: NY
Coordinator: Ronnie Landis
Project Ambassadors:
Siddhesh Angle
Destination:Arusha, Tanzania
Arusha Children